Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. I am Mo, a regular guy that loves to smile, laugh, and daydream.

I am the founder of Black Finn, Helsinki’s finesse and fictitious superhero, whose aim is to protect the residents of Helsinki from threats, criminals, and danger.


This blog aim of this blog is to highlight the beauty of Helsinki City and to publish weekly comic series about the “Black Finn”.


I have lived in Helsinki for 6 years and I have one word to describe this city, “Magnificent”.


How did the Black Finn come about?


This whole idea came about due to my experiences living in Helsinki, Finland and other parts of the world.

Based on my experiences living in different parts of the world, I have to conclude that there is nowhere else in the world that can compare to the city of Helsinki in terms of quality of life (peace of mind, comfort, safety, etc). As a result, I thought I should give back to the city (Helsinki) that will always have my heart by highlighting all the benefits of living in this beautiful city.




As you may have probably noticed, I am black, originally from Nigeria (born and raised).




I am a husband and daddy to four besties (two girls and twin boys). See the image “besties” below.




I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in real estate management. I began a Master of Science (MSc) in facilities management program but could only complete one semester.

Sometimes I think I was educated in the wrong field, simply because my current profession has nothing to do with Real Estate or Facilities Management – well, perhaps in the future, it will. You never know.




I am the youngest in my family. I had the most amazing parents. I am a product of their upbringing. May God bless our parents and grant them paradise.

I have a lovely wife with whom I am blessed with four children. May God guide and protect them.


IMAGE: Besties


Growing up


I had an unforgettable childhood and adolescent memories. Being the youngest in the house, I always got special treatment from my immediate and extended family members. You could say, I was a “spoiled brat”.

I was a stunt cyclist (I loved bikes). I enjoyed somersaulting into pools, on green grass, etc. I played a lot of soccer and earned the name “Mamadu” in high school.

I played basketball too. I was always athletic and enjoyed being outdoors. Like every other kid with so much energy, I found myself getting into trouble both in my childhood and teen years, but some days, I escaped getting punished.

I had a nephew named Collins that loved to dance, write, and mime Hip-Hop songs. It didn’t take long before I was influenced by him. I danced, wrote and mimed 90s rap songs. I even wrote my own rap songs, eventually.

I was popular in my high school, Labayi, because of my soccer and acrobatic feats. Besides my nickname “Mamadu”, I was also nicknamed “Gameboy”. I was and still am a video game maniac. I would travel many kilometers  (by walking or taking public transport) to play video games. I spent hours at my childhood buddies’, Jay, Junior, and Dindi’s houses playing video games.

Because of my experiences and being creative with my imagination, I started writing poems in my late teens. I guess I needed an outlet to express myself. I successfully composed over 30 poems that I published online.




Basketball, swimming, taekwondo, video games, blogging, writing, movies, traveling.


Favorite quotes


Chill with the poets and live with the memories.




Knowing what I know now, I wish I had done some things in my past differently.


Books I have read/reading


The Holy Quran, the Bible, Think and Grow Rich, Power of the Mind, The Godfather (trilogy).


Philosophical thoughts


I believe we all were created to add value to each other’s lives. I also believe that there is a supreme being worthy of all glorification and praise.




I have always wanted to be a movie actor (haha). I think I will be a good villain or a survivor in a zombie apocalypse movie.


Dislikes / turn-offs


I am not a big fan of oppressive, arrogant, and rude people. I am also not attracted to people who gossip and poke their noses in other people’s business affairs. You will definitely not find me anywhere around negative or toxic people.

I am not perfect, and I don’t expect perfection from anyone. However, I believe in empathy and mutual respect.


To wrap up, I will leave you with these words: before you judge people, take your time to know them.