Welcome to the debut of the Black Finn comic book series. Below is an introduction to Helsinki’s fictional superhero “Black Finn” in his original comic series.


Who is Black Finn?


The Black Finn is a hero entrusted with protecting Helsinki, Finland. He has an extraordinary dedication to the citizens of his city. He fights villains from wreaking havoc in the city and foil the plans of crooks and criminals.

Since most of the big league villains choose to attack New York, Black Finn tends to get more C-List threats. But he takes his job seriously and never fails the residents of Helsinki.



ISSUE 1 — A Hero Emerges


“Black Finn – A Hero Emerges” is an exhilarating comic book series that follows the extraordinary journey of Black Finn, a young protagonist with remarkable abilities. As he grapples with his newfound powers, Black Finn embarks on a path of self-discovery, battling inner demons and external threats. This captivating tale delves into themes of identity, courage, and the weight of responsibility.

With stunning visuals and a gripping narrative, readers are drawn into a world where ice and fire collide, witnessing Black Finn’s transformation into a formidable hero. Join him as he confronts powerful enemies, navigates personal sacrifices, and ultimately embraces his destiny as a symbol of hope in a world in need of salvation. “Black Finn – A Hero Emerges” is a thrilling adventure that will leave readers captivated and eager for more.

Unlock the epic adventure of Black Finn today! Dive into a world of thrilling superhero action, heart-pounding suspense, and awe-inspiring powers. Join Black Finn as he discovers his extraordinary abilities, battles formidable enemies, and faces his inner demons. With stunning artwork, captivating storytelling, and a diverse cast of characters, this comic book series will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Don’t miss out on the journey of a lifetime. Order your copy of Black Finn now and let the hero within you soar!

Get a Glimpse of the First 5 Pages of our Captivating Comic Book!

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