Where to Read Latest Comics Online?

Where to Read Latest Comics Online

Where to Read Latest Comics Online. Reading comics online these days has become popular. The reasoning is very simple; Nowadays, comics are more popular than they have been 20 years ago.

Also, the annual release and recent success of Superhero movies have helped to enlist more and more fans in reading and learning more about their favorite characters and their stories.

Of course, there are many people out there who don’t know where to read the latest comics — hence, why we curated this article.

The following are some of the most popular websites and platforms online that publish new and old comics.


Where to Read Latest Comics Online


This is by far the most known and common platform on the Internet to read and learn about comics. ComiXology is an Amazon-owned website where you can subscribe and have access to not only Marvel and DC comics but also access to a wide variety of other comics books in the market.


Marvel Unlimited


As you may know, Marvel is a household name. Marvel Unlimited is a paid-for-service, and it’s definitely worth every penny. There are over 25, 000 thousand comics published on the website. So if you are in search of comics to read online, then you will have a lot of options to choose from.




Unlike the two aforementioned websites that publish a variety of comic books on their website. ElfQuest is an independent fantasy comic book that has been around since the 1970s. It focuses more on a particular story. So, if you’re interested in reading something outside the typical superhero genre, then you might find their website interesting.


Why should you read comics online?


If you are one of those that have wondered why people read comics online? Well, there are a few good reasons, they include:




First off, physical printed comics are not available in every country, hence helpful for many people across the globe to have the option of digital comics. More so, it allows the comic companies to expand their readership internationally.




There is also a convenience factor when it comes to reading online comics. Nowadays, you can access comics on your phone, computer, or tablet. Which allows for more ease when traveling. Not to mention that you can read comics on the go, anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Having a big collection of physical copies is phenomenal. However, it can take a lot of time and effort to organize and transport comic book boxes. Think about all those boxes of comics that you will need to transport during a potential move.


What are the best comics to read?


The word “best” is relative. What you consider as “best” might be someone else’s “worst”. That being said, the following are my favorite comics to read online.


Black Finn


Our own superhero comic book. If you are looking for a story inspired by true-life events, then you might find “The Rise of a Minority” an interesting read. The creator has done a marvelous job by creating the story of the Black Finn around contemporary events. Click here to subscribe and read the first ISSUE1 of the Black Finn Comic Series.





Curse of the White Knight- Sean Gordon Murphy is a somewhat underrated writer and artist in the comic book industry. He is known to be consistent in providing quality artwork and writing throughout his career.

His White Knight Batman universe is extremely enjoyable, with the current Curse of the White Knight miniseries being one of the greatest hits of 2019.

It deals with a curse that has been going on for centuries hunting Batman and his family. Finally taking place along with the threat of a different take on the Joker. Definitely worth your time.


Flash Forward


Things have not been easy for The Flash of many generations, Wally West. However, the Flash Forward miniseries by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth has been successful in giving the character a much-needed comeback — where we see him recovering from the loss of his wife and his kids, journeying through the Dark Multiverse and dealing with multiple threats along the way.

A fun, emotional, and entertaining miniseries that is a classic superhero story.


Powers of X and House of X


When writer Jonathan Hickman took over the X-Men series, which had been struggling for almost twenty years, there was an understandable buzz given that Hickman is one of the best writers of the last decade and his two miniseries, Powers of X and House of X, are a very complex and yet fascinating reboot of the franchise.

Injecting the X-Men with new life and setting them up to create their own sovereign nation away from humanity.




Yes, you read that right! Writer Robert Venditti, also known for his notable 5-year-run with the Green Lantern series, is quite likely the best classic superhero writer in the industry right now. I would argue that his run on Hawkman is not only one of the best series at the moment but also one of the best periods that the character has ever enjoyed throughout the years.

Working alongside great artist Bryan Hitch, they make a phenomenal team that takes Hawkman through several places and adventures. It’s definitely worth your time.


Where To Buy Online Comics?


You can buy comics online from the following sites or platforms.




A very popular resource for digital comics.


DC Universe


While it does not have the same enormous catalog as Marvel Unlimited. This subscription service gives you the possibility of accessing a wide variety of DC comics. It also provides a huge database of knowledge about the characters. All comics can be downloaded to read on the go.


Marvel Unlimited


Another useful website for buying digital comics. Giving you the possibility to own your favorite stories.


The Black Finn Comics


If you are still asking where to read latest comics online, I have another surprise for you! The Black Finn Comics will certainly pique your interest.

The story is about a minority who became the protector of a city.

Since all the A-list villains are busy with New York (as usual), he’s stuck dealing with some lesser threats… at least for now, until he becomes caught up in a galactic conflict over a power he never asked for. Despite that, Black Finn is committed to protecting his city no matter what!

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