Why I chose Helsinki, Finland as My Home

Why I chose Helsinki, Finland as My Home

Before, I delve into why I chose Helsinki Finland as my home. First, let’s travel back in time to a mere 150 years ago, if you visited Finland back then, you would find a completely different panorama than you would today.




A century and a half ago, The Grand Duchy of Finland belonged to the Russian Empire and was going through one of the worst famines Western Europe has ever seen.

Following the Russian Revolution of 1817, Finland won its independence in 1818. And barely 100 years later, the Finnish people can boast about living in one of the world’s richest, safest, most stable, and least corrupt countries on Earth.


Facts, Finnish culture


Finnish culture is one of the most socially progressive in the world, and their prioritization of social justice is something that should be emulated more often. Finnish police consistently rank among the world’s most reliable and trustworthy.

Finland’s banking system is also one of the most ethical, and it’s economy one of the world’s freest.

Finnish citizens, which number around 5.5 million, enjoy the third-highest gender equality in the world and rank among the happiest.

In fact, a recent study conducted by The Happiness Research Institute for The United Nations, considered factors such as GDP, social wellness, life expectancy, economic and social freedom, lack of corruption, and overall quality of life, found that happiness levels are transferable. Meaning that not only were the Finnish the happiest people on Earth, those who immigrated to Finland soon joined them in their jubilation.


Why I chose Helsinki Finland as my home


It shouldn’t have come as any surprise that ever since I arrived in Helsinki, I have not been able to live anywhere else than Helsinki. Though at the time of writing this article, I live in Toronto, Canada, yet Helsinki is where my heart resides. So, in a country where every city and town is a jewel, I chose the shiniest — Helsinki.

The city of Helsinki, which in conjunction with the nearby towns of Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen, forms the Helsinki Metropolitan region (Greater Helsinki Area), is a modern and vibrant place to live. Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is also its largest (about 1,292,232 in population, according to 2018 statistics).

You will find most immigrants living in the city of Helsinki, which account for 8% of Helsinki’s population.


"Home is where your heart and soul meet"


Cleanest in the world


Helsinki is, without a doubt, the cleanest city in the world. The government has successfully instilled in the residents’ core values of cleanliness, as every resident strives to prevent littering and preserve the environment. The air feels so fresh you feel energized, happy, and healthy.


Friendly neighbors


It is a known fact that Finnish people are shy (though not all of them) and most cultured city that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. My neighbors, some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, are all extremely well-educated and sophisticated individuals.


Safe and peaceful


From the bright street lights to frequent patrol of police cars, you can’t feel safe anywhere else than in Helsinki. A city where you can walk in the forest at any time of the day without the fear of getting ambushed. Lose your phone or wallet? No problem, you will find it eventually.

What about raising up a child? Helsinki has it all, free education and health care, outdoor parks, fresh air, safe environment, paid maternity and paternity leave.


Good transportation networks


Helsinki is also one of the most technologically advanced cities in all of Europe and boasts a premium transportation system that makes owning a vehicle wholly redundant and unnecessary. They organize the roads in such a way, traffic flow becomes easy. No road rage or humming of car horns by angry road commuters.

I personally dislike jam-packed metros/trains, slow traffic, and long commutes, hence why I love the city of Helsinki. The best part is transportation is cheap, and insurance is affordable if you must drive.




From a cultural and entertainment perspective, Helsinki has it all: world-class museums, fantastic theatres, concert venues, gorgeous architecture, and a sense of art and design that is unparalleled. The nightlife is comparable to that of other large European capitals, and there is always something to do.




Finding an apartment to rent in Helsinki is not as difficult as finding an apartment to rent in London or Toronto City. Although accommodation is not cheap, yet it is worth every dime if compared with a similar apartment anywhere else in the world. Most apartments have a sauna inside each individual unit or building; Each building facilities are well maintained, neat, and clean.


Wrap Up


The above-mentioned points are some of the reasons why I chose Helsinki, Finland, as my home. I left out quite a few due to personal reasons.  I moved out of Helsinki for family reasons, career, and language in 2015. The Finnish language is notoriously difficult to learn (at least for me), so the fact that virtually everyone speaks English is just the cherry on top.

Moving to Helsinki has made me truly genuinely happy. And I have never felt safer or more comfortable in my life.

Long live Helsinki and Thank You!