6 Reasons why Helsinki Is the Best Place In Summer

6 reasons why Helsinki Is the Best Place In Summer

6 reasons why Helsinki is the best place in summer. Helsinki is located on the 60th parallel North, a circle of Latitude that is twice as far away from the Earth’s equator than it is to the North Pole. That means that Helsinki is a city of frigid temperatures and long nights. However, for a couple of months a year, Helsinki transforms into something beautiful.

Summer in Helsinki is an experience like no other. The city comes alive with bustling energy, and the full spectacle of nature brightens the emblematic and historic avenues, which become packed with an airy atmosphere of celebration.


6 reasons why Helsinki is the best place in summer


Helsinki is the best place to be during the summer months. Let me tell you why:


Fantastic temperatures


During the summer months, the average temperature in Helsinki rarely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. In fact, most days remain a cool 20 degrees, even in the middle of July. While the rest of the world deals with blistering hot days and scorching sun, Helsinki experiences sweater weather!


Longer summer days


Since Helsinki is located away from the earth’s equator, the hours of daylight can be extreme. Midsummer in Helsinki can be as long as 19-20 hours. As a matter of fact, you might need a blackout shade/curtains in other to sleep at night as the sunlight is up at 11- 12 am in summer. 


Helsinki comes alive during the summer


Reasons why Helsinki Is the Best Place In Summer


Compared to the long winter months, Helsinki comes alive during the summer. Because of the frigid winter temperatures, many of the best cultural and entertainment venues close down. It is only during the short summer that most of the city’s many attractions are open to the public.

During the summer, you can visit a host of museums, art galleries, historical sites, nature parks, hiking trails, and vibrant open-air markets.


The most beautiful sights


If for some reason you become bored with the city proper, which is difficult to imagine, you have access to some of Europe’s most beautiful natural splendor, all within a two-hour drive. Right outside Helsinki, you can find 7 National Park!

That’s right, Helsinki is surrounded by lush, berry-rich forests and gorgeous rocky shores.

For example, Nuuksio National Park has kilometers upon kilometers of trails that are ripe with berries and mushrooms waiting to be picked.


City of festival and music


Helsinki is a music lover’s paradise. While there are some amazing music festivals throughout all of Finland, the summer music scene in Helsinki is jam-packed with open-air concerts. Whether you enjoy listening to heavy metal, pop, indie rock, or jazz, Helsinki will have something for your ears.

This coming summer, one of the best electronic music festivals in the world, will take place at the Helsinki Fair Center. In August, you can enjoy the Flow Festival, an annual cultural celebration that lasts 4 days and boasts being one of the world’s first carbon-neutral music festivals.

And talk of summer in Helsinki cannot be complete without mentioning the Helsinki Festival.

Helsinki Festival is a celebration of art, culture, and music. This month-long festival is one of the world’s most diverse, and music fans can enjoy classical music, world music, rock, hip-hop, and even opera. There are literally hundreds of exhibitions, bands, and free workshops for your enjoyment.


Public transport is convenient


Helsinki, during the cold winter months, like all of Finland, gets covered in snow, sleet, and mud. It can be difficult to get around on foot, and transportation becomes an issue.

However, that all changes during the wonderful Helsinkian Summer. Helsinki is not a particularly large city. Everything is relatively close, and with enough time, you can easily see and do all there is to do without ever setting foot inside a vehicle.


Final words


There you go, the 6 reasons why Helsinki is the best place in summer. There are more reasons such as clean air/city that weren’t highlighted above.

The magnificence of the city will make you want to keep visiting each year.

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