Helsinki Quiz: How Well Do You Know the City of Helsinki?


Test your Helsinkian sense and win a prize.


How well do you know the city of Helsinki? There is only one way to find out.

Answer the following 54 questions about Helsinki correctly, and you will receive a customized “Helsinkian Sense Medal” with your name.

More so, you will be amongst those who will receive the first printed copy of “Black Finn Comic” Volume 1 (signed by the Black Finn creator).


How to win


When you finish answering the questions:


  1. Share your results
  2. Send me the result using the contact form.




Answer the questions yourself. Looking up the answers on Google will be considered as cheating.

You have two chances.


Best of luck! | Onnea! ūüėÄ


Helsinki Quiz



The prize is limited to only 10 people.