Why Finnish Sauna Is the Best in the World

Why Finnish Sauna Is the Best in the World

In case you are wondering why Finnish Sauna is the best in the world, hang on, i will gratify your curiosity in the next few paragraphs.

My first ever sauna session was in Helsinki —  less than a week after I arrived in the city — the experience was life-changing.

For residents of Helsinki, there’s nothing quite like a nice sauna session, especially during the winter days — the hot, steamy air combined with the pleasant scent provides great relaxation for your body and mind.

There are many kinds of saunas available — dry heat, wet heat, infrared, wood-burning, and more, but there is no sauna better than the Finnish Sauna.

From the cultural routines to the sheer relaxation of it, here are the reasons why the Finnish Sauna is the Best in the World.

Why Finnish sauna is the best in the world


Why Finnish Sauna Is the Best in the World 3


The History


Although there is no definite starting point for the Finnish sauna, historians estimate that it started as early as 7000 BC. While bathhouses were disappearing across Europe, the Finns were continuing to use saunas both for relaxation and to clean themselves regularly. People built saunas as they were traveling across the cold Finnish land so that they could be warm while they ate, slept, drank, and generally survive. It even provided a sterile environment for childbirth!




Having a sauna session isn’t just about getting hot and sweaty, especially in the city of Helsinki. The customs surrounding the Finnish sauna are some of the best in the world and make for a truly unique experience for anyone.

In fact, the Finns have so much respect for their own sauna customs that military members, while having a sauna session, have no titles or hierarchies.


Finnish sauna rituals


Finnish people generally begin their sauna sessions by first showering and then sitting in the intense heat of the sauna. Some Finns will massage themselves with the silver birch leaf, as they believe it calms the muscles. Once the heat has become too intense, it’s time to jump into a lake or a cold pool to cool off before starting the cycle all over again.


Why Finnish Sauna Is the Best in the World 2


Sometimes, they may even roll around in the snow! This intense but entertaining part of the sauna is all part of the Finnish culture and another reason why it is the best.

While many people simply go to the sauna to relax their muscles and then go home, the Finns see it as a unique social experience.


Post sauna meal


Another reason why Finnish Sauna is the best in the world is the “post sauna meal”. It is common for people to hang out on the stoop outside of the sauna and enjoy food such as sausages and drinks. What could be better?


Varieties of Finnish sauna


The Finns don’t limit themselves to just one type of sauna. There are several different kinds, allowing sauna enthusiasts to choose their favorite, or enjoy a variety of different options. These include:

  • Smoke saunas — where wood is burned without a chimney and smoke fills the room.
  • Woodstove saunas — where a chimney is used.
  • Electric saunas — which don’t need wood to burn.

This variety allows for Finns to have saunas in pretty much every corner of the country, and it is part of what makes their sauna so great.


Wrap up


The Finnish sauna isn’t merely a place to sit for a few minutes after a workout — it is a chilling spot for friends, family, and colleagues.

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