Why Helsinki Is the Best Place For New Mothers

Why Helsinki is the best place for new mothers.

Why Helsinki is the best place for new mothers. Having and raising children is a time of pride and pain for many mothers, but so much of the experience is influenced by the immediate environment.

The city of Helsinki is proving to be one of the best places for new mothers for a variety of reasons, so i wanted to share a few.


Why Helsinki Is the best place for new mothers


The price of birth is low


While having a baby in the United States can easily cost thousands of dollars (up to $15,000), and that is without insurance, Helsinki understands that the last thing new parents need is a huge bill or debt right when they bring new life into the world.

The average cost of childbirth in Helsinki is around sixty dollars ($60), making it easy for mothers to focus on what matters most — recovering and bonding with their newborn babies.

Sometimes, hospitals in Helsinki work with nearby hotels to provide recovering mothers with a nice place to heal after childbirth in situations where the maternity ward is full. Providing new mothers with hotel rooms allows them to enjoy more privacy to bond with their family and even makes it a more comfortable experience for them.


Free maternity kit


The Finnish government sends out a free maternity kit to expecting mothers weeks before they give birth. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received the traditional Finnish baby box in 2013. The box contains nearly everything a new parent could probably need after childbirth.

Typically, you will find the following items in the box: snowsuit, duvet, socks, mittens, balaclava, nappies, teething toy, baby clothes, just to mention a few.

For more information regarding the Finnish baby kit, visit the Finnish Baby Box website.


Free check-ups


Another reason why Helsinki is the best place for new mothers is the fact that during pregnancy, mothers can use the free service offered at the maternity clinic in their municipality of residence. For example, expecting mothers can check their health and baby’s health.

The maternity clinic will also provide them with information pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth safety, maternal benefits, etc.


Longer maternity and paternity leave


In Finland, they understand that there is nothing that new parents hold dear than that special time when they get to bond with their newborn babies. The country offers a variety of benefits and helpful programs to ensure that both parents get the proper amount of time with their newborns.

Unlike other countries that only sometimes provide these kinds of benefits for mothers, Finland focuses on making sure that the entire family unit is able to spend time together.

Finland has one of the best maternity and paternity leave policies in the world. Parental leave is long, and the government covers up to 24 weeks of paid leave through the maternity grant program.

Some municipalities pay 3000 euros bonus/baby. Other cities like Helsinki has a supplement for home care allowance — an extra benefit that doesn’t exist everywhere in Finland.


Maternity rate is low


Time after time, Finland has earned the trophy of the best country to be a mother, and this is partly due to low maternal and infant mortality rates. This is not a surprise considering all the efforts and systems put in place for expecting mothers and their newborns.




Around the world, people are constantly faced with needing to manage this life-defining moment while also worrying about a variety of life concerns.

In Finland, there is a special focus on the family that few other countries offer. Instead of worrying about money or being uncomfortable at the hospital, new mothers can expect a comfortable experience that will allow them enough time to bond with their new babies — all of these are geared towards reducing the tendency of maternal or infant deaths. It is the perfect place for parents who want to bond with their new bundle of joy.

Many women are beginning to understand that the programs and processes in Finland are remarkably beneficial when it comes to having and raising a child. Hence, why many will prefer to give birth in Finland than anywhere else in the world.

In summary, the above-mentioned points are the reasons why Helsinki is the best place for new mothers.

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