5 Sit down Restaurants You Have To Try In Helsinki

5 Sit down Restaurants You Have To Try In Helsinki

5 sit down restaurants you have to try in Helsinki. Finland is part of the Nordic gastronomic revolution; people love their food. With a vast array of fresh seafood, a long history of comfort dishes that keep people warm, and competitive neighbors, Finland is on top of its game.

It’s hard to have a bad meal in the country, from small family-owned restaurants that serve classic dishes to serious food powerhouses that offer modern, creative food, you can safely enjoy a great meal, anywhere, especially in Helsinki.

If you want to try the best, visit the Michelin-starred restaurants in the capital, eating in these places is more than food, it’s an experience of a lifetime.


5 sit down restaurants you have to try in Helsinki


1. Olo


This stylish restaurant near the market square is Chef Jari Vesivalo’s dream come true. All the dishes come from his memory and childhood favorite food. Minimalist plates full of flavor use local ingredients that change with the seasons.

From their current menu, for example, you can enjoy a Japanese-inspired custard soup with reindeer meat and thyme. The dish is a tribute to the traditional Finnish reindeer soup, but it’s something else altogether.

Fresh fish is well represented, from yellowtail mackerel to scallops and from king crab meat to local white fish, everything is stylishly presented and delightfully seasoned.



Pohjoisesplanadi 5


2. Demo


Demo restaurant in downtown Helsinki is all about the experience. A single chef’s menu that’s both flavorful and technical is seasonal and quality minded.

Four courses or up to seven, you’ll be surprised, guaranteed. A beef tartare dish with mushrooms, herbs, and aioli is so beautiful you don’t want to eat it.

Something as simple as sliced beetroot becomes a tangy and earthy appetizer. Veal and sweetbreads with cabbage is an homage to the country’s home cooking, reindeer and fresh fish are also regular dishes, all immaculately plated.

An excellent selection for those who want to experience the delight of a delicious meal.



Uudenmaankatu 9-11


3. Palace


High on an iconic building with astonishing views of the city, Ravintola Palace is luxurious and sophisticated. Chef Eero Vottonen is a perfectionist and loves to create an impact with his dishes.

The menu changes regularly, and it’s based on seasonal ingredients. Smoked trout with dill vinegar is as Nordic as food gets. Still, Wagyu beef, Mangalitza, Lobster, caviar, and king crab are luxurious products that make this restaurant expensive, yes, but well worth it.



Eteläranta 10


4. Grön


Rustic and comforting, Grön has a casual feel reminiscent of the countryside. Every ingredient is grown nearby, and even the plates are made by a local artisan ceramist.

Fresh or fermented in the Nordic way, the food here is highly regional, and the dishes are designed around a focal ingredient. Tempura-fried mushrooms, caramelized onion pie, chicken ragout, and roasted apples are some of the well-crafted dishes that come out of the passionate kitchen.

The vegan menu is also reliable.



Albertinkatu 36


5. Ora


Chef Sasu Laukkonen is behind this cozy restaurant of extraordinary finesse.

Service is close and personal, and the dishes are evocative of the Finnish cooking traditions. Six courses make the best of local ingredients: Carp, arctic turnips, beetroots, currants, reindeer or mushrooms, the dishes are well balanced and have beautifully integrated flavors.

The chefs visit every table and explain their creations themselves, something that makes this restaurant unique and intimate.



Huvilakatu 28A


Final thoughts


There you go, the 5 sit down restaurants you have to try in Helsinki if you plan to visit or presently live in the city. Of course, there are other good restaurants (both sit down and fast-food restaurants) in the city for any type of occasion, i.e. Special occasion, fast or premium dining.

Helsinki has everything for everyone!

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