A Review of Helsinki Scooters

A Review of Helsinki Scooters

A Review of Helsinki Scooters. European cities across the continent have been busy developing and implementing alternative mobility solutions to help their citizens get around safely, efficiently, and inexpensively. For some time now, electrical solutions have been at the forefront of this movement across Europe, and in Helsinki, the Finnish capital, the scooter is emerging as one of the best and most promising options.

Electrical scooters present users with a wide variety of advantages, such as increased portability, decreased cost of entry, eco-friendliness in the form of reduced noise and air pollution, etc.

And while it is true that, on a private level, not many people use or own these machines, a growing number of exciting start-ups are adding their ride-sharing services to the city’s mobility solutions.


A Review of Helsinki Scooters


Here is a review of the most promising Helsinki Scooter ride-sharing scooter companies.




VOI scooters are available in Helsinki thanks to VOI Technology, a young mobility start-up that started in Stockholm, Sweden. VOI Technology is one of the most successful “micro-mobility” companies operating in the world today, and they were the first to crack the European Scooter market.

Presently, VOI operates in Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere, as well as a host of other European cities. Their entire philosophy is based on three simple concepts: shaping cities for people, reducing air and noise pollution as much as possible, and getting rid of gridlock.


  • VOI offers three different models of well-designed electric scooters, all of which are top-of-the-line, and high performing. All three models are aluminum-built and come equipped with electrical and mechanical brakes for increased safety and security on the road, as well as a dual suspension for one of the smoothest rides on the market.
  • VOI scooters have a phone hook and 4G capabilities for increased convenience.


Riding VOI is very easy. You download the app, create an account, and locate a scooter via the app’s comprehensive mapping system. To unlock the scooter, simply stand next to it and hit “unlock” on your app.

As per the VOI website, “The cost of riding a VOI depends on a few factors. We charge a base fixed rate for unlocking the scooter and additional costs may vary depending on a city, day, and time in which you choose to rent our scooters.”




It cost 1€  to unlock and 0.25€/min for a ride.


i love scooters




TIER is a mobility start-up based out of Berlin, Germany, that has been creating waves in the Helsinki e-scooter market since March of last year.

Very recently, TIER unveiled its latest and most advanced scooter model, and the reaction has been positive across the board. Furthermore, as of January 2020, TIER has become the first “micro-mobility” company to achieve a climate-neutral status; which means that TIER has gone beyond merely reducing harmful emissions linked to the production and operation of transportation equipment, and become a non-contributor.

TIER works similarly to other pioneering ride-sharing companies in the e-scooter market.

Download the app, create an account, locate your scooter, and tap to unlock. Once you have followed the app’s instructions to begin the ride, ending it is as simple as tapping on END RIDE.

TIER currently operates in over 20 cities across Europe. In Helsinki, TIER operates between the hours of 7 am to 10 pm. It costs 1 () to unlock the scooter, and 0.15 () every minute of the ride’s duration.

During my visit to Helsinki, i rode on the TIER scooter more often than VOI and LIME. I liked the sleek design of the Tier scooter, and also because i had no bad experience riding on it.




It cost 1€  to unlock and 0.15€/min for a ride.




Another player in the electric scooter market that is savagely competing in Helsinki is LIME. Lime was founded on the premise that all communities are deserving of affordable and accessible mobility.

LIME focuses on the equitable distribution of shared e-mobility solutions, and in the case of Helsinki, that means lots of e-scooters. Like the other ride-sharing companies on this list, using LIME is straightforward. Simply download the app, create an account, locate a scooter and get going.

A nice little bit of user-first thinking is the fact that LIME users get a up to 50% off select Bern helmets.




It cost 1€  to unlock and 0.20€/min for a ride.


Common Issues with the eScooters


You may encounter different issues while riding any of the scooters above. For example:

  • The scooter may not unlock
  • Suddenly stop
  • It may be damaged
  • Brakes might fail
  • Tires may be worn out
  • May be slippery if the ground is wet


Make sure to check your scooter before you ride, if you notice any problem, it is best to find another scooter.




Personally, all of the scooters mentioned above are good in their unique ways. However, I prefer the TIER scooter just because of the bad experience i had using VOI and LIME. VOI came to a stop during one of my rides, i was lucky i didn’t fall face down. That incidence left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Anyways, I love eScooters, and for the fact that eScooter are accessible easily in Helsinki — that makes it another reason i am in love with the city.